I’m happy to announce that the transition to Angular Material is complete and running on the site!

With this new layout, there’s a big push to make things more mobile friendly (until the native apps are created).


You can see that we’ve consolidated some of the actions together to make it easier to view your prayers and act only when needed. That “+” button there makes it quick and easy to add a new prayer.


The menu is still available from a side tap, but the icons make it a little easier to identify what you need.


If you’re in a group, it’s a lot easier to work with. Tapping the group name will bring up the list of prayers for the group. Clicking the details icon brings up the details (members, owner, etc.) for the group. That “+” icon is there and handy to allow you to create a new group on the fly as needed.

The desktop is still a priority here as well. These “mobile first” type layouts transition nicely to the desktop as well:



There you have it! There’s still some refinement to go, but there has been some more functionality added as part of this update and moving forward should go a lot smoother!

Gone are the #! from the URL links, so you will need to update your bookmarks accordingly.



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