Today another feature is rolled out for Prayer Odyssey: Profiles. While this seems pretty small on one hand, I envision a larger impact for small groups, and groups worldwide.

As you may have noticed previously, there’s a little profile icon now at the top right of the page once you log in:


Clicking this will allow you to enter the City, State, and County you are from. If you do this, and then you click to encourage somebody on a prayer, they get a slightly different notification now:


This may seem a little trivial for a small group. However, if you have a group that is national, or even international, getting a small note that somebody outside of your normal day to day contacts can be an added sense of comfort when receiving these notifications.

I also see this as a gateway to a “world prayer wall” for those that have shared their prayers publicly. We can add a page to app that shows a map of those that have prayer needs around the world. You could easily get to one of those, pray for the person, and then send encourage them even if they are on the other side of the globe. I believe there can be a big impact through something simple as this. Make sure to update your profile to put this to good use.



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