When I started down the road to make a native app for Prayer Odyssey , I was excited that Xamarin had come out as open source and jumped head first into building it up. Success was good, but a little slower than I had planned, given some of the older techniques I had to “unlearn” in order to make run with the platform. After a recent discovery into NativeScript, I’m moving fast and furious in a new direction with some great results.


I was able to scaffold the basics for the app and the login/signup page in about the same time as I did for Xamarin. However, since NativeScript uses TypeScript and AngularJS2 as it’s underlying technologies, I can apply my web knowledge with a lot less overhead and “retooling” than I was doing with Xamarin. I won’t get too technical here, but it is exciting stuff and I’m expecting to move a lot faster than I was before on getting things setup.

I’ll keep more updates coming as mobile progresses, but don’t forget that Prayer Odyssey is fully functional in both desktop and mobile thanks to its responsive design that it was originally built upon. I’d love for you to try it out and give me feedback. You can jump over to the Facebook page or use the contact page and let me know your thoughts.


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